Dullstroom Restaurants

Visitors are spoilt for choice when looking for places to eat in Dullstroom - in fact, there is little that one cannot find when browsing through Dullstroom restaurants. Quaint coffee shops with superb décor and ambience offer the robust aroma of a steaming cup of full roast coffee for that morning pick-me-up as you walk in.

Breakfasts are usually a lavish affair but can also be enjoyed simply, with eggs and fresh bread or a cup of tea and a muffin. For lunches, there is a wide array of eateries to select from ranging from comfort food in pubs to more sophisticated restaurants. Several coffee shops can be found to enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon with a sweet treat or delicious savoury snacks. For dining out, the options are endless – choose between a rustic pub complete with comfort food and hearty meals served with draught beers or fine wines by the fireplace (depending on the weather), or for the more discerning of palates, restaurants offering fine-dining elegance.

Whatever your mood and whatever you fancy, plenty of wining and dining options abound offering you a friendly atmosphere while you enjoy good food. Most restaurants offer a selection of good wines and for the connoisseurs, one of the top whisky bars of the country is located in Dullstroom with a selection of over 800 whiskies ranging from Irish, Scottish and American, from blends to single malts.

When in Dullstroom, you would without a doubt want to savour the local cuisine and a lot of restaurants pride themselves in serving a good traditional menu with South African recipes such as bobotie, potjie, the all-time favourite boerewors and pap, hearty vegetable soups and pies to name a few. As the region is well-known for its fly-fishing, there is no excuse to miss out on sumptuous dishes which include the fresh catch of the day.

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