2016 Dullstroom Fly Fishers BONANZA

Walkersons Hotel & Spa recently sponsored the Dullstroom Fly Fishers BONANZA, which took place in and around Dullstroom from Friday, September 30, to Sunday, October 2, 2016.

Dullstroom BONANZA
The Dullstroom BONANZA is a skill-based competition for teams of four, fished on a catch-and-release basis, over 5 sessions in approximately 15 dams around Dullstroom – many of which are not normally accessible to the public. This year, the 100 anglers competed for an impressive list of sponsored prizes, including awards for biggest fish, winning and runner-up team, winning and runner-up angler, winning and runner-up lady angler, best-dressed team, last fish, and first fish.

Astoundingly, the Dullstroom Fly Fishers Association shattered previous fundraising achievements, raising over R85 000 to Helping Hands – a local registered charitable organisation. The money raised will benefit various schools in Dullstroom, the Dullstroom Learning Centre, nurseries, crèches, and the aged. Speaking about the achievement, Alan Hatton, the BONANZA’s event coordinator, said “We are very proud of our association with Helping Hands and delighted to be able to make this sizeable contribution to their good work.”

Dullstroom Fly Fishing BONANZA
In terms of the actual fishing, far more fish were caught this year than 2015 and the fishing conditions were sublime. Excitingly, two dams on the Walkersons Hotel & Spa estate, Production and Long Final, were named some of the best in the competition, only just losing out to Brookwood Trout Farm for the Jan de Jager floating trophy for best water.

Walkersons Dam
Production and Long Final are just two of 14 dams and lakes scattered across the property, ensuring that avid fly fishers are well-catered to when stay at this luxury Dullstroom hotel. Both novices and experienced fly fishermen alike are invited to try their hand at fly fishing at Walkersons Hotel & Spa, and a selection of experienced guides are on hand to help any guests master the art of fly fishing. The dams also provide a picturesque backdrop for many a leisurely walk along contoured pathways which wind their way around the 800 hectare estate.

Dullstroom Fly Fishing
To find out more about fly fishing in Dullstroom, or to book your stay at Walkersons Hotel & Spa today, simply email reservations@walkersons.co.za or phone +27 13 253 7000.

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