The Oribi – An Antelope to Look Out For

Mpumalanga is a province that is as rich in beauty as it is in activities and attractions. Tourists are often able to experience this when venturing from town to town, and in doing so, you will be able to immerse yourself in the people, the culture, and the history. One such town to visit is Dullstroom, which is famously home to a number of endangered Oribi antelope.Dullstroom Activities There are a numerous amount of things to do in Dullstroom. However, while you are there you may as well wind down and get in touch with nature too. Why not go hiking or driving through the grasslands in search of wild animals? One of the better hiking activities to try would be the two-day Steenkampsberg Hiking Trail. Not only is this a great activity to enjoy with the entire family, but it also a fun and interactive way to educate your children about nature. When doing so, be sure to look out for the Oribi antelope.

This antelope is quite small and is usually found in temperate grasslands. The Oribi’s chest is orange-brown and its chin, throat, chest, belly and rump are white. They have short, bushy tails and relatively small ears.What to do in Dullstroom

Unfortunately, South Africa’s Red Data Book for Mammals (2004) has classified these elegant creatures as endangered and their numbers are on the decline. As a result there have been many projects designed to try and create awareness about them, and hopefully increase their population. One such effort is the Oribi conservatory, which has been set up in Piet Retief, and focuses on the protection of the Oribi.

The Oribi are currently threatened owing to the fact that their habitat is being destroyed and because they are being illegally hunted. In addition to this, there is a lack of awareness surrounding their status as endangered which leads to inappropriate management of the species.

Regardless of the reasons, the Oribi is definitely an animal to look out for and appreciate when visiting Mpumalanga.Dullstroom Accommodation

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