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From Dullstroom, heading north on the R533, it’s just over 2 hours to the Injaka Dam, where the annual Lowveld Bass Trail will be holding their Grand Final. Only a 2 hour drive from Dullstroom and Walkerson Hotel & Spa, this weekend competition is perfectly situated for those staying in Dullstroom for the weekend. From the 9th to the 11th of October, competitors will be looking to lift the trophy and be declared the best bass fisherman on the trail.

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The competition will be held at Injaka dam, a relatively young dam, turning 13 this year. With the structure being as new as it is, there are often old logs and separated materials that were used during construction found floating in the water.  This can make for some interesting navigating for boat drivers.  Spanning an area of 8 square kilometres, and consisting of over 124 million cubic metres of water, the expanse of this dam is formidable.

The dam itself has plenty of timber, tree stumps, lily pads, bridge pylons and weedbeds, which are all attractive spots for the Largemouth Bass and Kurper that crawl the waters. Several lures have been reported to work well in the waters of Injaka, such as Topwater lures, spinnerbaits and weightless flukes.

Lowveld Bass Trail

The top 15 teams of the past season have been invited to compete in the final this October.  During the previous competitions, points have been awarded to teams along several criteria. 2 points for event attendance, 1 point per fish caught with a maximum of 5 points per competition. 1 point awarded per kilogram of total bag weight, with the top 5 scoring teams eligible for prizes.  The most recent event, taking place at Kwena Dam on September 12th saw a total of 38 boats competing with 43 bass being caught Saturday. After the last event at Kwena, the teams invited to compete in the final at Injaka are as follows:

1 Angling & Outdoor World                          2 Ambassadors
3 Alligators                                                   4 Thermocline
5 Hazyview Midas                                       6 Wicked Bass
7 Imbongolo                                                 8 Pumba
9 Frogz                                                        10 T & H
11 Loose Goose                                         12 Just That
13 Wittus                                                     14 Stokstyf
15 Titanic                                                     16 Brayshaw Filtration
17 Bass Wizard                                           18 Rugged
19 Mitsubishi                                                20 Go Far

Dullstroom Bass Trail

So many great teams will be participating in the final, and if the previous legs of the season are anything to go by, the final of the Lowveld Bass Trail promises to be an exciting finish to a fantastic year of fishing. This final provides a great opportunity to hop in the car and take a slow trip from Walkersons and Dullstroom up to the Injaka Dam and watch the masters of angling at work.

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