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With the abundance of fly-fishing in Dullstroom, and rainbow and brown trout stocking the dams in the area, the last thing you would want is that trophy catch slipping off the line due to an improper knot or tie.  Knots have the same role as the music conductor in a horror movie.  Without them, the movie would not be half as good.  Knots are very much the same. They don’t take any credit for the catches, but they are responsible for it all. Walkersons Hotel & Spa to the rescue!

While there is no one knot that will satisfy every angling situation, the best thing to do is master a set of the best knots, in each of the major categories, (Terminal Knots, Line-to-Line Splices, Light-to-Heavy Splices and Terminal Loop Knots). By having a decent set of knots in your arsenal, you will reduce line breaks, fish more and have to retie line less.

Scouring over the angling sites, we’ve come up with several knots that should be in your quiver, should you ever need them.

Turn San Diego Jam

The 6-Turn San Diego Jam is a great place to start for tying on a lure or a fly. Utilizing wraps around the standing line and the tag end, the knot is stronger than most others that only wrap around one strand. As this knot requires multiple turns and double lines, ensure that they line up neatly so that when you go to tighten, there are no overlaps where there shouldn’t be.

The next knot in our arsenal is the Palomar Knot. A simple knot used to attach a line to a hook or a fly to a leader or tippet, it is regarded as one of the strongest knots out there. Making sure that when the hook, fly or lure is passed through the knot, all parts are cinched up together, will ensure the knot does not fail or slip.  Make sure that before making the final pull, to moisten the line in order to get a firm set.  The Palomar knot works best with a braided line.


The second-last knot we’ll look at is the Uni-Knot. The Uni-Knot, Grinner knot or Duncan loop, this knot is an all-purpose knot, able to be used with monofilament or fluorocarbon lines. Maintaining much of the monofilament’s breaking strength, the uni-knot is a great knot to use for attaching hooks, rings or swivels to the end of line, as well as joining monofilament with fluorocarbon lines.

A great variation on the Uni-Knot is the Double Uni-Knot.  Slightly more complicated to tie, as it requires a repeat of several steps in order to complete, it provides an amazing increase in strength. As there is more line, there is more to get messed up and you need to ensure to slide your wraps evenly together as you tighten and make sure that they line up well.

So the next time you’re in Dullstroom staying at the Walkersons Hotel & Spa, and want to try your hand at some trout fishing in one of our many dams in the area, make sure you’ve got your set of knots tried and tested, and you’ll be landing the big one in no time.

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