Dullstroom is no exception to the Craft Beer and Coffee Shops Movement

All over South Africa, a movement towards quality over quantity has been underway for some time now, particularly when it comes to food and drink, and Dullstroom is no exception.

Being a slow and steady kind of place to begin with, Dullstroom is the perfect venue for an uprising of sorts in the culinary industry, with its eco-friendly ethos and penchant for all things crafty and creative.

Anvil Ale Brewery

So if you feel like whetting your whistle with an artisan ale or two while resident in your Dullstroom accommodation, head for the Anvil Ale Brewery, located on the edge of town towards Lydenburg.
Here Theo and Sarie de Beer will willingly ply you with their carefully nurtured Dullstroom craft beer, from pale ales, all the way along the beer colour spectrum to ebony-hued stouts.

Dullstroom coffee shop


Having learnt his trade at Hops Hollow, a fellow artisan brewery located along the Long Tom Pass close to Dullstroom, Theo opened Anvil House in 2010 after three years of carefully preparing the site for optimum production. Today the brewery produces a blonde ale, a pale ale, a Baltic porter (favoured by the ladies), a Black anvil stout and a light bodied White anvil, all served with your choice of scrumptious fare from the daily menu of locally sourced food.

All these refreshing drinks are made only from the finest ingredients, using top fermenting yeasts and water from the sub-alpine springs of the Steenkampsberge near Dullstroom. This produces a lower level of carbonation and a more pronounced hop character than you will find in commercially produced drinks, along with unique lingering flavours.

Beans about Coffee

Teetotallers and coffee lovers have not been left out of the equation either. Beans about Coffee is standing by with a cuppa created from the finest freshly roasted coffee beans. You will find this inviting Dullstroom coffee shop at 86 Hugenoten St, where it has been providing superior service and a commitment to coffee excellence since 2011.

One or two cups of this delicious brew will never be enough, so stock up with a few bags of freshly roasted beans to recreate the experience when you return home.

Will you be heading for the brewery or the beanery on your next visit to Dullstroom?

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