Must Visit Breakfast Spots in Dullstroom

Restaurants in DullstroomStart your day off the right way, with a delicious Dullstroom breakfast. To ease the task of wading through a number of exciting restaurants in the town, we’ve narrowed down the list to only four:

Harries Pancakes

As the name suggests, Harries Pancakes is first and foremost a pancake restaurant, serving up a vast array of these fluffy, wholesome treat – both of the savoury and sweet variety. Sugary offerings include banana in a caramel sauce, milk tart custard and dark chocolate mousse. Savoury pancakes, on the other hand, can be found to be filled with haddock and mushrooms, pork and peaches, lamb bredie, and more. The serving are enormous, and the service is exceptional – definitely worth a visit!Image Credit: Outdoor Photo

Walkerson’s Restaurant

All forms of dining at Walkerson’s are matched only by the scenic beauty of the hotel. Utilising only the freshest ingredients, the experienced and skilled chefs (led by award-winning Chaine Chef Adri van Wieringen) at Walkerson’s Hotel & Spa create exceptional dishes throughout the day and night. The breakfast procession begins with a medley of fresh fruit, which is soon followed by steaming creamy oats. A hearty English breakfast is up next, complete with all the traditional trimmings. All of this can be enjoyed on the sunny patio, or from the comfort of the indoor dining area of Walkerson’s restaurant – beside a snug fireplace.Image Credit: Walkerson's Hotel and Spa

Pickles and Things

Situated in the heart of Dullstroom, Pickles and Things is a restaurant boasting loads of character, a friendly atmosphere and stunning décor. With sweet cottage-pane windows and a subtle design theme, it has the look and feel of a homely cabin. The experienced restaurant staff serve up one of the best breakfasts in town from an innovative, diverse menu. The homemade meals are made with fresh, local ingredients and are bursting with flavour. What’s more the service is both friendly and quick.Image Credit: Pickles and Things

Country Corner

Opt for a more casual start to the day with a breakfast meal at the Country Corner sidewalk café. Open every day from 8 to 5, this small eatery offers up a surprisingly large breakfast menu, featuring a wide range of hearty local fare, as well as home-made cakes and delicious beverages. As the name suggests, Country Corner exudes country-style hospitality from the setting of a charming double-storey house.

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