QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Dullstroom?

Dullstroom is a wonderful Mpumalanga town with so much history and quirky spots to explore. Are you ready to check how much you really know about Dullstroom? Find out if you’re an expert or in desperate need of a touch up with our latest quiz!

In what year was Dullstroom given official town status?

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In 1893 Dullstroom was officially granted town status by then President Paul Kruger.

Dullstroom has the largest selection of __________ in the Southern Hemisphere

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This quirky Mpumalanga town features The Clock Shop which boasts over 7000 different designs to choose from.

Which two non-indigenous trees can be found in abundance here?

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When the Dutch colonists settled in the area they planted beech and elm trees. Due to Dullstroom's relatively cool and temperate climate, this is the only place in South Africa they grow in abundance.

How many whiskies does Wild About Whisky have?

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Wild About Whisky has the largest collection of whisky in the Southern Hemisphere and second largest in the world with over 1400 different whiskies.

Dullstroom has the highest ____________ in the country

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Sitting at 2076m above sea level, Dullstroom's train station is known to be the highest in South Africa.

What activity is Dullstroom best known for?

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Although Horse Riding and Golf are both available in Dullstroom, the town has been dubbed the Fly Fishing Capital of South Africa. With well-stocked dams and lakes Dullstroom is ideal for both novice and experienced anglers.

What was the original name for the town of Dullstroom?

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Dullstroom received its name from Dutch Merchant Wolterus Dull and the Crocodile River which flows nearby. The town was originally named Dull’s-stroom, but this was later simplified to Dullstroom.

Dullstroom is home to all three endangered species of what bird?

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Dullstroom is one of the few places in South Africa where you can see all three special of endangered crane - the blue crane, wattled crane and grey crowned crane.

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Dullstroom?
Dullstroom Expert

Did you grow up in Dullstroom? Your knowledge of this Mpumalanga town is spot on!
Fishing For Glory

You cast your line and came back with a medium-sized trout. We recommend a trip into town with a local to brush up on your knowledge!
Definitely Visit Dullstroom!

Oh dear, it's definitely time for a visit to Dullstroom! We recommend a few days spent enjoying all the historic and beautiful spots the town has to offer.

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