QUIZ: Test Your Dullstroom Fly-Fishing Knowledge

Thanks to a cool climate and high elevation, Dullstroom is known as the fly-fishing capital of South Africa. Scores of fishermen (and fisherwomen) flock to our beloved town every year, to put their angling skills to the ultimate test. Do you consider yourself to be an expert in the art of fly-fishing in Dullstroom? Test your knowledge on all things angling with our short quiz. And if you come up lacking, make sure to book that next anglers getaway asap!

In the angling world, what are the towns of Dullstroom, eMakhazeni (Belfast), and eNtokozweni (Machadodorp) referred to?

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The Trout Triangle can be found in the Highlands Meander region of the Mpumalanga. It has been thus named because it is undoubtedly the best trout fishing destination in South Africa.

When were rainbow trout first introduced to South Africa?

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The cool waters and sub-alpine climate provided the ideal conditions for rainbow trout when they were introduced to various highlands rivers in the 1900s. 70 years later, the species caught the attention of the country’s fly-fishermen and trout farms began to crop up in Mpumalanga and other surrounding provinces.

What is another species of trout that frequently occurs in the dams of Dullstroom?

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Brown Trout, or salmon trutta, were brought to South Africa from Europe in 1890. A medium sized fish that can grow to 20 kg in size, the brown trout prefers cold, well-oxygenated highland waters.

Which of these is NOT the name of a fly-fishing fly?

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Unlike the Floating Ant, a popular dry fly in the area, the Floating Cricket is NOT the name of a fly. Some other interesting names for effective flies in Dullstrom include Royal Wulff, White Fritz, Epoxy Buzzer and the Orange Buzzer nymph.

What is the average size of trout caught in Dullstroom?

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While the size of trout may vary according to the season and location, the average size of trout caught in Dullstroom is between 1.8kg - 2.3kg. In the right conditions, rainbow trout can weigh up to 9 kgs. In fact, a 18.80kg brown trout was caught by Tom Healy on in 2009 in the Manistee River system in Michigan, the current world record for the species.

Which of these continents is NOT home to rainbow trout?

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The rainbow trout has been introduced to every continent except Antarctica. They inhabit cold streams, rivers, dams and lakes, while some subspecies spend part of their life in the ocean.

How long can rainbow trout survive in the wild?

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Rainbow trout, or oncorhynchus mykiss, are members of the salmon family. Known for the gorgeous colours that shine on their skins, they fall under the hover group of fish.

When it comes time to spawn, female trout select a suitable area of ground and dig a shallow nest. What is this nest known as?

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Female trout form "redds" in the gravel with their tails, after which they lay up to 3000 eggs per kg of body weight. Once the eggs have been fertilized by the male, they incubate for 4 - 7 weeks and then hatch.

Another fish species found in Dullstroom, the largemouth bass, has a number of aliases. Can you spot the imposter in the list below?

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The largemouth bass is also know as the widemouth bass, green trout, Florida bass and black bass. They were introduced to South Africa in 1928 from North America.

QUIZ: Test Your Fly-Fishing Knowledge
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