Reasons to Visit Dullstroom in Autumn

The month of March marks the start of Autumn in Dullstroom, which many would say is the most magical season of all. Extending all the way until late May, Autumn in Dullstroom is characterised by chilly mornings, spectacular sunrises and falling leaves in breathtaking hues of deep red and burnt orange. To celebrate this beautiful time of year, we’ve put together a few of the many reasons to visit Dullstroom in Autumn.

The Cosy Fireplaces

Often compared to the Scottish Highlands, autumn in Dullstroom is when you might experience your first lit fireplace of the year. There’s not much better than sitting in front of a roaring fireplace, feet curled up under you with a glass of red wine and a good book in-hand. All of the suites at Walkersons Hotel & Spa feature Morso wood fireplaces, as do the Flying Scotsman restaurant and the spacious lounge.

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The Spectacular Colours

As the leaves slowly turn from dark green to rusted orange, deep auburn and sunrise yellow, the landscape transforms to one of fairy tales. This section of the blog post, however, is not the place for words, but visual descriptions!

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dullstroom in autumn
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The Fish-Biting Frenzy

Fondly known as the fly-fishing capital of South Africa, Dullstroom boasts many dams stocked with rainbow trout and brown trout. Typically, the fish are more likely to bite when the weather is cooler, so autumn is a fantastic time for fly-fishing in this quaint town. You don’t have to travel far to find well-stocked dams and great fishing facilities, Walkersons Hotel & Spa features over 10 separate small lakes and dams with rainbow trout. As such, it’s the ideal spot to master your fly-fishing skills. No need to bring your tackle box along with you, all necessary equipment can be hired from reception.

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The Crisp Weather

For some, the drop in temperatures associated with March is a welcome relief. Gone are the days of searching for a spot of shade, positioning oneself in front of a fan on high-speed and blasting the aircon as soon as you get into the car. Instead, autumn-lovers rejoice at the opportunity to try out their newest cardigan, get the hot water bottle out of the cupboard and stock up on hot chocolate for an after-dinner treat. Dullstroom is one of the coldest places in South Africa so the suites at Walkersons Hotel & Spa are designed to keep guests as warm as possible. Indoor fireplaces (as we mentioned above), electric blankets and extra fluffy throws are on hand to keep guests nice and toasty.

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To book an unforgettable autumn stay at Walkersons Hotel & Spa, simply visit our online booking channel or email And if you’re in need of further inspiration to make the trip, take a look at our Autumn in Dullstroom Photoblog from 2019.


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