Revealed: The Renovated Honeymoon Suite at Walkersons Hotel & Spa

We are thrilled to unveil the newly refurbished Honeymoon Suite at Walkersons Hotel & Spa. Perfect for couples seeking a romantic retreat not too far from Joburg, our Honeymoon Suite has been thoughtfully redesigned to offer an unforgettable escape in the Highlands.

If you’re looking for an enchanting getaway in Dullstroom, keep reading to discover the exciting updates we’ve made.

Contemporary Country Chic

Our vision was to reimagine the Honeymoon Suite in a ‘contemporary country’ style while preserving the timeless charm that Walkersons Hotel & Spa is known for. We’ve accomplished this by blending modern luxury with rustic elegance, creating a space that feels both fresh and familiar.

To begin with, we selected a colour palette that brings both vibrancy and serenity to the suite. Each colour was hand-picked to reflect the tranquillity of the surrounding landscape and to enhance the suite’s warm and inviting atmosphere.

Luxurious Fabrics and Finishes

The soft furnishings have been updated with exquisite Hertex fabrics, known for their quality and style. Home, Decor, and Canvas in Lydenburg meticulously reupholstered the suite’s couches, headboards, cushions, and curtains, ensuring every detail adds to the suite’s luxurious feel.

Dullstroom honeymoon

Inviting the Outdoors In

A key feature of the Honeymoon Suite is its stunning view of our picturesque estate. The suite’s cottage pane-glass doors frame this view beautifully, inviting the serene outdoors into your private sanctuary. Whether you’re enjoying a morning coffee or a sunset glass of wine, the private patio offers an ideal spot to take in the breathtaking scenery with the one you love.

Honeymoon Suite amenities

Cosy Comforts

For those familiar with our Honeymoon Suite, you’ll notice the addition of a Morso wood-burning fireplace, a stylish and practical feature that promises warmth and cosiness even on the chilliest of Dullstroom nights. There’s nothing quite like falling asleep to the gentle crackle of a fire and waking up to its comforting warmth on frosty winter mornings.

Honeymoon Suite Bathroom

Elegant Enhancements

The results of our refurbishment are subtle yet significant, retaining the suite’s traditional country escape spirit while enhancing it with contemporary touches. Our Honeymoon Suite now offers the perfect blend of old-world charm and modern comfort.

Extra length four-poster bed
Two bathrooms
Indoor shower
A jacuzzi bathtub
Morso wood-burning fireplace
Private patio
Stocked mini bar
Tea and coffee-making facilities
Room service

Walkersons Honeymoon Suite

Experience Luxury & Romance in Dullstroom

Walkersons Hotel & Spa remains a beloved haven in the Dullstroom area. Join us for a serene escape that beautifully merges the best of the old with the new. Be among the first to experience our newly refurbished Honeymoon Suite and enjoy panoramic views of our estate’s rolling hills and tranquil dams.

To secure your dates, use our online booking platform or contact our friendly front desk team at

We look forward to welcoming you!

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