History of Dullstroom

If you are spending your holiday at the Walkerson’s Hotel then you may be interested in discovering a bit about the history of Dullstroom. Also known as Emnotweni or “the place of prosperity”, Dullstroom is a small town in Mpumalanga province, best known for its horse riding trails, fly-fishing, scenic hikes, and picnic spots beside magnificent waterfalls.Image by: ^Ika^Dullstroom-Emnotweni was born in the 1880’s when the Dutch Settlers decided to make their way over to the place that they referred to as “eternal mist”. The town itself was established in 1883 by Dutchman Wolterus Dull. However, during the second Boer War the town was destroyed and most of the settlers who had been staying there decided that they would return to the Netherlands.

There are 7 fun facts about Dullstroom that have made it infamous when it comes to South Africa:

  • It is one of the coldest villages in South Africa, with temperatures as low as -7°C in the middle of winter.
  • It is home to the highest railway station, which is 2076m above sea-level.
  • It is South Africa’s premier trout fishing area.
  • It is the only place where beech and elm trees grow in any number.
  • It is the region in South Africa where you will find the most endangered Crowned Canes, Blue Cranes, and Wattled Cranes.
  • One of Dullstroom’s claims to fame is that it has a whiskey bar that displays the largest collection of whiskeys in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Dullstroom also hosts a specialised clock shop, which possesses the largest collection of clocks in the Southern Hemisphere.

Image by: Vark1The town is situated 2100m above sea level which makes it one of the highest towns in South Africa. When visiting Dullstroom you will be blessed by the exquisite architecture, displaying a mixture of 19th and 20th century building designs. It is Dullstroom’s unique character and history that makes it one of the most interesting places to visit when coming to South Africa.

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