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It is forgivable to not fully understand or comprehend the true beauty of an area unless you have experienced it first-hand. Many guests of Walkersons Hotel & Spa have voiced their amazement at the true beauty of the area only once they have stayed with us and felt it for themselves. Allow us to try and break the gap between internet visuals and true reality.Dullstroom Hotel

Picture, if you will, a valley of rolling green hills, small dams dotted on the countryside and the occasional holiday house discreetly placed. Narrow tarred roads circle the valley allowing for easy access between the houses and the Hotel, and beautifully laid, gravel foot paths crisscross themselves between each dam like long-winding snake trails. Families are enjoying picnics on the banks of the dams, children playing on the grass, and fisherman are trying their luck at hooking that elusive trout. Views over the valley fill you with a sense of peace and beauty that is almost alien in this day and age, and that deep sigh of a great day is constant comfort.Hotels in Dullstroom

This is what Walkersons Private Estate provides, and this is the home of the exquisite Walkersons Hotel & Spa. In between the kaleidoscope of trails around the estate and at the centre of it all, the hotel provides the cherry on the top, if you will, to an already unbelievably beautiful area. The estate comprises of a number of privately owned homes built around a very specific design to ensure that uniformity and style remain throughout the grounds.Dullstroom Accommodation

The hotel itself is the eye-catching finish to this estate, and provides a level of comfort and luxury that can rarely be described without first-hand experience. Sitting on the private patio of your Lakeside Suite, watching the sun dip over the grassy hills is a once in a lifetime experience. The sound of trout jumping from the water in search of their next meal will leave you conflicted, whether to pick up a rod and try your luck or simply sit back and enjoy the moment.Lakeside Suite

Possibly the only thing better than your hotel suite patio would be that of your own Dullstroom self-catering cottage within the estate grounds. Walkersons Hotel has 4 luxury self-catering houses that are an experience in themselves. Intelligently placed around the 800 hectare estate, the cottages provide an amazing sense of isolation, coupled with that of luxury and convenience. These cottages can accommodate between 4 and 10 people, depending on which you choose, and come with all the amenities one could ask for. Not completely separated from the hotel, a simple call is all it takes to organize a spa treatment, lunch from the hotel, or a 5 star, 5 course dining experience that is a true mouth-waterer.Dullstroom Self Catering Accommodation

It has become a rarity in today’s times to find a place that can truly transport you away from stress and discomfort towards relaxation and a true feeling of tranquillity. That is what Walkersons Hotel & Spa has accomplished. One cannot simply read about this Dullstroom hotel, or talk about it, as far too much gets lost in words. It has to be experienced first-hand. Only then will the true reality of what is offered at Walkersons be realised.

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