Verloren Vallei Nature Reserve in Dullstroom

Dullstroom is often viewed as a small, sleepy town in Mpumalanga and although it is quaint, there are plenty of fantastic things to do and see. If you’re a keen nature buff, why not spend the day in Verloren Vallei Nature Reserve?

Verloren Vallei Nature Reserve

Verloren Vallei Nature Reserve

Verloren Vallei is located just 13km from Dullstroom in an undisturbed area of the Steenkampsberg Plateau comprising open grasslands and wetlands. The Reserve is made up of over 30 wetland areas that create large inter-linked wetlands. This distinctive Nature Reserve is virtually brimming with various species of flora and fauna just waiting to be discovered.

Verloren Vallei Nature Reserve
Blue Crane

A total bird lover’s paradise, the reserve is currently home to breeding populations of all three of the world’s endangered crane species; the Blue Crane (South Africa’s national bird), the Wattled Crane, and the Crowned Crane. As well as various Crane species, the open grasslands, and rocky outcrops are also home to other birds such as bald ibis, longclaws, finches, woodpeckers, cape rock thrush, and more scarce grey- and red-winged francolin.

Verloren Vallei Nature Reserve
Wattled Crane

If four-legged creatures are more along your lines of interest there is also an array of fantastic fauna to be admired. Meet the small, friendly Rock dassies and common Bushpig as well as a variety of buck such as Red Hartebeest, Grey Duiker, Black Wildebeest, Blesbuck, Oribi, and Eland.

Verloren Vallei Nature Reserve

In summer, Dullstroom’s wilderness is especially special as all the flowers start to bloom. From November to February is the best time to see these beautiful floral carpets and Verloren Vallei actually offer guided flower walks by appointment – an absolute must for flora enthusiasts! If you would like to learn more about Dullstroom’s wildflower power, have a look at our blog.

Verloren Vallei Nature Reserve

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