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Walkersons Hotel and Spa, tucked away amongst the magnificent hills of Mpumalanga, is a picture-perfect haven for anyone looking to get away. The fast-paced, hustling and bustling of city life can get too much at times. The noise, the terrible drivers, even the air can get a little stuffy sometimes. We suggest you give your employees and business partners a break and a little breath of fresh air at the Walkersons Hotel and Spa. A perfect balance of proximity and distance, driving from Johannesburg or Pretoria, the hotel is less than 3 hours’ away. Its remote location, tranquil surrounding, luxury accommodation and the state of the art Walkersons Conference Centre makes it the perfect venue for any business conference, team building or company getaway.

Take your business to new heights with our state of the art conference centre. The hotel may be located in the heart of the countryside but our conference centre is perfect for any business meeting. Made up of the Walker Room and the Tapestry Room, the conference centre is excellently equipped with necessary stationery, data projector, screens, Wi-Fi as well as a perfectly catered refreshment station.

The Walker Room is our largest conference venue. Big enough to accommodate the capacity of the hotel, amounting to 80 delegates, depending on set-up, the room may be arranged in the conventional U-shape, School Room or Cinema Style. This venue is perfect for larger conferences and events. The Tapestry Room is reserved for more private meetings. Seating up to 20 delegates, the room is arranged in a more formal boardroom style.  The serene environment and secluded location of the hotel allow for minimal disturbances from the outside world.

The relaxed atmosphere of Peggy’s Bar and the magnificent terrace overlooking the beauty of the Dullstroom hills and surrounding trout dams is perfect for taking a break between meetings, to get your creative juices flowing or even for after-conference drinks as a reward for a long day’s work. Our luxurious accommodation and immaculate 5-star dining and restaurant options make Walkersons Hotel and Spa the ideal location for any business getaway.

To find out more about our perfectly tailored conference packages, contact Walkersons Hotel & Spa and book your Dullstroom accommodation by calling +27 (13) 253 7000 or emailing today.


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