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Welcome to Walkersons Hotel & Spa, where the beauty of autumn unfolds in the charming town of Dullstroom.

As the seasons transition, Dullstroom comes alive with a tapestry of colors, crisp air, and a sense of tranquility that is simply unmatched. We invite you into the enchanting allure of autumn in Dullstroom and discover why it is the perfect time to escape to our idyllic retreat.

From breathtaking landscapes and cozy fireside moments to invigorating outdoor adventures and indulgent spa treatments, autumn in Dullstroom promises a captivating experience that will leave you rejuvenated and in awe of nature’s wonders.

Here’s our Autumn-in-review from Walkersons Hotel & Spa.

7 to 14 April 2023

Welcome to Walkersons! This week we were reminded of the beauty of autumn, with its crisp cool mornings and dramatic skies.

We celebrated Easter with homemade hot cross buns and golden bunnies for all our guests.

We had the pleasure of hosting a fireside birthday celebration and began our winter menu preparation.

And on an early morning departure, we marvelled at the wildlife roaming freely on the Walkersons Estate.

15 to 21 April 2023

From one golden-hued morning to the next, April is a busy time at Walkersons!

We hosted a special sunset celebration in true Walkersons style – with champagne and trout.

The Walkersons ducks revelled in the quieter weekdays by wandering through the spa gardens.

Our gardeners started preparing our veggie garden for our upcoming winter harvest, while a pair of opportunistic Franklins feasted on their hard work.

We welcomed the newest addition to the Walkersons skyline as our resident Fish Eagles chick flew the nest.

And last but not least, we spent time filming and photographing the magic of Walkersons for an exciting production!

22 to 28 April 2023

We earned our stripes this week with a hike to the top of the Walkersons Estate and spent time learning to fish with the legendary Sam. Did you know that we offer private fishing lessons?

Always looking to delight, Head Chef Guy took us through his ideas for the Terrace Winter menu. While Chef Lunga whipped up a delectable dessert which was featured on our Mother’s Day Menu.

We lapped up another glorious sunset and welcomed seven ducklings to the Walkersons flock!

29 April to 5 May 2023

An early stroll along the river rewarded us with a richly coloured sunrise. All before getting our hands dirty in the first phase of our veggie garden planting. With all our beds turned, composted and turned again, our gardeners began planting our winter bounty. Expect to see rocket, broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, chillies, strawberries and blueberries (to name a few!) fresh from the garden on our 2023 winter menu!

We found three of our most adventurous ducks hunting for snails behind the chapel. Inspired, we embarked on our own adventure up the mountain, searching for the resident herd of Blesbok. Only to rush back down before an epic afternoon thunderstorm which brought out the flying ants – no doubt the trout were pleased.

Having been relocated to the safety of the Managers’ cottage, the ducklings have become vocal little fledglings. Who, despite having grown in size, are never too far from mom.

6 to 12 May 2023

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and last week proved them right!

The ducklings are growing bigger by the day and have started to develop their white tail feathers. All the while, the veggie garden project continues with the successful installation of our irrigation.

An early Mother’s Day guest meant that mornings were slower and dinners were longer, and we revelled in both. Walkersons was honoured to welcome the beautiful @oleratoandfamily, @bucketlistb and @lifebyashasingh .

@lifebyashasingh took to Walkersons like a duck in water and shared some of her favourite moments with us, from taking in the scenery, enjoying a lunch on the Terrace, working next to the fire, and once the cloud had cleared, taking in the beauty of the estate by horseback.

To end the week, we went to our favourite sundowner location only to have the most remarkable sighting of a Serval running across Eagle Weir – talk about magic!

13 to 19 May 2023

Walkersons Hotel & Spa is turning 30 this year, and as such, we decided she needed a little love – but not before a last Mother’s Day hurrah. To mark the occasion, we invested in new table decor and curated a set menu (in consultation with our moms!) which included not one but two new desserts!

As the clock struck 17h00, our doors were closed; artwork, tables, chairs and carpets were relocated and locked away in preparation for the big day. Monday began with an orchestra of activity as painters, tilers, construction workers, designers and all types of heavy machinery arrived on site.

Two days raced by, and just as we thought we had planned for every eventuality, we woke to find that the Walkersons zebra had come to quality control and left their hoof prints all over our new parking area!

There were weather delays, last-minute changes, and plenty of challenges. But one afternoon, as the sky (finally) cleared, we were reminded of what makes Walkersons so unique.

20 to 27 May 2023

Week two of our mini-revamp was epic!

The painters finished in the rooms while work began in the spa garden. We cut down six invasive pine trees, opening up a new vista, while the driveway and entrance paving was finished, and the vision for the Terrace started coming to life.

Discussions around our new Terrace Menu led to the creation of some delicious new dishes; get ready for the carrot cake of your dreams and some exciting winter-warming meals.

As the end of the week drew nearer, the colour started reemerging in the hotel interior, the daffodils began to bloom, and our GM discovered that the Walkersons flock had grown again!

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See you soon!

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