Dullstroom Flora and Fauna Photoblog

Nestled in the rolling Mpumalanga highlands, Dullstroom features some of the most beautiful natural surroundings in South Africa. Much can be said about both the flora and fauna in and around this sleepy town, and both the quantity and diversity of different species is often astounding.Dullstroom AccommodationSuch a wonderful sub-Alpine climate, and lots of annual rainfall, Dullstroom boasts a vast array of gorgeous flowering plants, wild grasses, plants, and indigenous trees. In fact, over 200 separate species of wild flowers are found scattered across the rolling hills in and around Dullstroom.

Some of the these beauties include pelargoniums, gladioli, osteospermums and wahlenbergias. Fortunately, many of these species can be found on the Walkersons Hotel estate – setting the scene for a breathtaking walk in the countryside.

Wildlife, on the other hand, while a bit more scarce, is no less fascinating. Common mammals to be found in and around this Mpumalanga town include steenbok, grey duiker, both mountain and grey rhebucks, black-backed jackal, porcupines, springbok, and servals. All this, not to mention, the wide variety of fish species found in the countless dams and lakes in Dullstroom. In the skies, gaze upon wattled cranes, redchested flufftails, malachite sunbirds, and much, much more.

View a full list of the Dullstroom flora and fauna, right here.

However, to tempt and appease you, we’ve together a handy photoblog of just what to be on the lookout for.

Birds of Prey Centre

Fly Fishing in Dullstroom

Flowers Dullstroom

Birds of Prey Centre

Wildlife in Dullstroom

Dullstroom Landscape

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Dullstroom South Africa

Birds of Prey Centre

Dullstroom Wildlife

Hotel Dullstroom

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