Best time to visit Dullstroom


This town is a popular journey for travellers each day of the year. People driving from Gauteng to Mpumalanga or the Kruger National Park will drive through the main street of Dullstroom and may even stop for coffee or lunch at one of the restaurants.

The best time to visit the area will depend on the needs of the visitor. If fishing competitions and festivals are inspiring, then it is best to book in advance and visit during summer when the conditions are great for fly fishing. Fishing getaways and family vacations keep the town busy from September to April.

There are many tours of the wild flowers in Dullstroom and September sees an influx of floral enthusiasts. The Groot Suikerboschkop is one of the highest points in Dullstroom and the views are amazing. There are three endangered crane species in the area and the scarce wattled crane can be found on a guided tour at the Verloren Valei Nature Reserve that is open throughout the year.

From May to August when winter sets in, the temperature may drop below freezing point due to the micro-climate that is almost sub-Alpine. Dullstroom has a high altitude of about 2075m above sea-level and it is colder than the surrounding areas, but sitting next to a warm fire while the mist settles on the town creates magical winter holidays.

The other advantage of the high altitude is that it attracts athletes who want to train in these conditions in order to improve their lung capacity and skills. International cyclists, long distance runners, ice skaters and orienteering athletes spend winter months in Dullstroom with their coaches and families.

The shops and museums are open throughout the year and there are many artists that reside in this town so there is always activity in Dullstroom. Between the fishermen, artists, athletes and the locals, there is never a dull moment in this eclectic town.

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