Brighten up your Weekend at the Yellow Arum Lily Festival

Calling all botanists, rare plant enthusiasts and flower lovers- the Yellow Arum Lily Festival is back once again. On Saturday the 26th of November, admirers from far and wide can flock to see this spectacular lily in full bloom.

Yellow Arum Lily Festival

Not quite sure what the fuss is about? You just have to see an image of this fantastic flora to understand why. The Yellow Arum Lily, or Zantedeschia pentlandia, is a stunning species of lily that is distinguished by its vibrant yellow colour, that centres down to a dark purple in the middle. It is a protected species, from the endangered Red Data list, which is indigenous and endemic to the lesser known village of Roossenekal, Mpumalanga. The natural habitat of the lily is rocky and mountainous terrain, and Roossenekal offers the perfect atmosphere.

Rossenkral Lilies

Since it has such specific habitat requirements, and mind-bending colours, it’s prohibited to pick or dig up these awe-inspiring flowers. As a result of the rarity of the flower, the town comes together to celebrate it each year. The festival offers a rare occasion to buy these Yellow Arum Lilies from registered propagators. These talented individuals grow them from seeds and small bulbs, a task that takes much care and skill.

The festival takes place at the Mapochs Golf Club in Roossenekal, where large numbers of this incredible flower will be displayed. If you prefer, there is also the option to take a bus and see these blooms growing in their natural habitat. The festival venue will have stalls selling jewelry and art from the local community, tasty homemade treats and natural remedies. Bring the whole family along and explore a completely new part of this dynamic country.

Yellow Arum Lily Festival Dullstroom

The Yellow Arum Lily festival also hosts a Mountain Bike Challenge on the day for sporting enthusiasts.There are four different races with varying distances available on the day- a 50km, a 30km, a 15km and a 5km.

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