Dullstroom Fly Fishing

When the fly-fishing season gets underway, Dullstroom accommodation fills up quickly The competition is tough to catch the biggest fish and the Dullstroom area is flooded with fishermen.

Beginners who want to learn how to cast the perfect line, can be coached by a professional fishermen or can visit one of the many shops in the town that supply the equipment and tackle for this popular sport.

The most popular fish are rainbow trout and brown trout and the streams and dams are well stocked for many fishermen. Apart from the two main dams in the town, there are a few private farms and other dams where the fish are plentiful.  Many farms offer comfortable accommodation and fishing packages that suit families and fishermen alike and there is never a shortage of activities in this busy little town.

Both Dullstroom Dams are open to the public who must obtain permits to catch fish, but the lower dam is a catch and release trophy dam.  This preserves the environment and keeps the fish happy and ensures that the habitat remains undamaged.  The caravan park at the Dullstroom dam has a R5 entry fee that is extremely cheap and the gate to both dams is located in the caravan park.  This fee is used for the maintenance of the dams and the paths and the walks are scenic.  The dams are peaceful as boats are not allowed, although float tubes are permitted.  There is no noise from motors to scare away the fish or the people from the dam and the sounds of nature can be heard clearly.

The two town dams are not the only places to fish; there are a few farms and resorts in the area that cater for fishermen and their families.


The annual Dullstroom One Fly Anti-Rhino Poaching Charity Fly-fishing competition is held during the winter festival in July. Two fly fishing sessions are held at the dam at Walkersons Hotel and Spa with unrestricted access to visitors who are ardent fishermen.

Dullstroom has strict fly fishing policies that benefits the environment and ensures sustainability so that fishermen and families can return annually.

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