Frequently Asked Fly Fishing Questions

Accomplished as well as novice fly fishermen are sure to have questions when visiting Dullstroom, the fly-fishing capital of South Africa.  What follows is a selection of the most commonly asked questions.  If you don’t find what you are looking for below, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.Dullstroom Hotel

Where can I fish in the Dullstroom area?

Dullstroom offers fantastic still-water and river fishing, and there are many places offering this facility.  The town has two dams, which are open to the public, and many Dullstroom hotels, such as Walkersons Hotel and Spa, have their own facilities.  There are also numerous farms and nature reserves in the area offering trout fishing.  Your accommodation provider will be happy to guide you through a selection of the best place to throw in a line.

What are the costs?

This depends on the entry fee for your chosen venue and whether you have a valid Mpumalanga fishing licence.  In places where there is a bag limit, you will pay a set price per kilogram for every fish you take home.  Prices are usually in the region of R100 to R200 per day.

Is only fly-fishing permitted?

Only fly-fishing with barbless hooks is allowed in most dams, but there are some places that allow bait fishing and spinning for other species of fish such as yellowfish and carp.breeding-freshwater-fish

What are the catch and release regulations?

Catch and release regulations vary from place to place, and dam to dam.  There is usually a bag limit per person, per day at the very least.

Do I need a licence to fish in Dullstroom?

Yes, all anglers must hold a valid Mpumalanga Angling License and a permit to fish in their chosen dam.  This should be discussed when booking your day’s fishing.

What kinds of fish can I expect to catch?

Most of the dams in the Dullstroom area stock rainbow trout, and to a lesser degree, brown and golden trout.  Largemouth bass, although a second choice when it comes to fly-fishing, are also common.

What are the best flies to use in this area?

Only fly-fishing with barbless hooks is allowed.  An experienced fly fisherman will be able to tell which flies are appropriate by observing the fishes’ behaviour, but it is a safer bet to check with one of the friendly salespeople at the tackle shop or to ask when booking your day’s fishing.

Is there a closed season on your waters?

No, in Dullstroom fishing is welcomed year-round.  Please just check with the venue regarding stock and fishing conditions beforehand, as each establishment has their own open season – usually from September to April.  This is mainly because the fish go off the bite during winter.

Good luck and ‘stywe lyne’!


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