Yellow Arum Lily Festival

For the curious traveller looking for destinations off the beaten path, the towns of Mpumalanga province are a splendid idea. Rural voyages may conjure images of idle holidays, but don’t be misled – adventures in the open wild, activities year-round and the unique heritage of country life are guaranteed to keep you on your feet!

Dustroom Hotel

Popular attractions which draw visitors from all over South Africa are the Dullstroom festivals. Artists, performers, and artisan craftsmen descend on the town every year to herald spring; while savoury cheeses and home-brewed beer await the gastronomically inclined. The unique flora and fauna which call this area home mean visitors will not be experiencing a shortage of activities in Dullstroom any time soon!

A half-hour drive away, in Roossenekal, there is a flower that is native to no other place. With a bright yellow bulb around a dark purple middle, the yellow, or golden arum lily is highly sought-after treasure and a rare sight. Because the flower is so unique a marvel, the town holds an annual festival at the very end of November showcasing the lily’s magnificent springtime display. During the Yellow Arum Lily Festival, visitors can purchase specimens from registered propagators who cultivate the protected lily specifically for selling. Anyone is welcome to attend the festival and enjoy the relaxing sights!

A day out and about the area is not nearly enough to take in all that is on offer. The accommodation in Dullstroom is a country delight! Amidst opulent comfort mixed with a uniquely sub-Saharan ambience, visitors can choose anything from five-star, serviced rooms with modern amenities; to self-catering cottages in the old spirit of independent exploration into the Highveld.Dulstroom Activities

There is an exciting selection of things to do in Dullstroom – with sightseeing, horse-riding, mountain hiking, and scenic biking routes at your fingertips – go out and enjoy the wilds! The town is famous for its six Fs – fly-fishing, flora and fauna, fireplaces, fine food, fresh air, and family fun – and counts among its claim to fame its status as the only region in South Africa inhabited by three endangered crane species; as well as a whiskey bar home to the largest collection of whiskeys in the southern hemisphere!

Feast your senses on the cultural attractions, outdoor adventures, fine dining, arts and entertainment on offer in this town deservedly known as the Gem of Mpumalanga!

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