A Brief History of Dullstroom

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Dullstroom-Emnotweni (meaning Dullstroom the place of prosperity) started life way back in the 1880’s. Dutch Settlers were encouraged to come to South Africa by the then president Paul Kruger. In 1883 a company headed by Wolterus Dull was formed to strengthen the links between the two countries. Two farms were brought to form a settlement.  They were called the Groot Suikerboschkop & Elandslaagte.

The first Dutch settlers came in around 1884.  Then in 1890  Wolterus Dull paid a visit to one of the farms where he found
the settlers had established a small village. The village was  then proclaimed a town in 1892 by Paul Kruger.

It was originally called Dull’s-stroom, but later Changed to Dullstroom.  The Dull came from Wolterus Dull and the Stroom meaning stream which came from the Crocodile River (stream), that flows nearby.

Dullstroom HistoryIn 1893 Dullstroom housed just 48 people, with eight houses, three stables, 10 cattle kraals and a trading store.

The Town was nearly destroyed in the 1900’s when the British occupied it in the Angelo Boer war. It was a very sad time in the town’s history as many
were killed in the fighting, with many women and children being sent to the British concentration camps. You can now find a remembrance garden in the town to commemorate this time.

Dullstroom HistoryThe town became well known for its
fishing, and in actual fact the industry goes back to the early 1900’s when a trout-like fish called a Fingerling was caught in one of the rivers. Hatchlings were then released into some local streams. In 1927 the first full stocking of the old municipality dam took place.

When the new municipality dam was built in 1965 and stocked with 17,000 fingerlings, it gave rise to the wonderful fishing now available in the Dullstroom area. Tourism, breeding of trout for the table and stock, and angling have now become important industries in the Dullstroom region.

Dullstroom is on the panorama route.  It sits halfway between Johannesburg and the Kruger National park. It also has the highest train station at 2,077 m above sea level, and is the perfect stopping point if you are travelling to the Kruger National Park.

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